Vote. Please.

Not voting November 6 2018 is like handing Trump yet another victory. Not voting is to  let things get even worse.

Trump and his administration are not in this for all Americans: they are in it for themselves and their rich buddies.

Be honest with yourself: have you gotten a raise? Are you getting better pay? Have your health costs gone down?



Donald J. Trump Should Not Be Our President

I do not trust Donald J. Trump to be a president for everyone in these United States – he is unabashedly president to only his supporters. And his supporters seem to be oblivious to (or just do not care about) the fact that he lies constantly, that he bashes anyone who doesn’t blindly support him and … he is doing a lot of things that authoritarian dictators do.

“But in terms of tactics, there is in (sic)immense amount of evidence to support the fact that Trump is behaving like an authoritarian and that he is mainstreaming fascism.”

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He has embarrassed our nation and our people, he has damaged America’s reputation and standing in the world, he has provoked hostility and disrespected leadership of our allies, he has tried taking health care away from the nation’s most vulnerable (and everyone else except for the most affluent) – repeatedly, he has been blatantly dishonest and completely disrespects the rule of law, he attacks mainstream news sources as “fake news,” he has had involvement with Russians (that he lied about), he has fanned the flames of misogyny, racism, and intolerance, and he is, in my opinion, inept and incompetent and grossly unqualified to lead this great nation.

His sources of (mis)information include heavily biased and grossly partisan “news” sources such as FOX News (no longer “fair and balanced”), InfoWars (a genuine joke of a site), Sean Hannity,

Trump actually had to be pressured into disavowing white supremacists and the violence they perpetrated. Then he turned around and defended the white supremacists and their behavior, even after a woman was killed by a sick white supremacist who ran his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, the majority of whom were peaceful.

Trump has appointed a cabinet full of “swamp dwellers” despite campaigning on the premise of “Draining the Swamp.” He has appointed wholly unqualified people to run national departments such as Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education for which she is obviously not qualified. He has appointed an anti-housing fanatic to head Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This appointment is especially egregious in view of the nation-wide housing crisis caused by skyrocketing rents and a dearth of affordable housing. Most people in metropolitan areas and bigger cities – especially in places like California and New York – pay up to and even more than half their wages for housing. The head to the EPA is an anti environment crusader. It is no secret that Trump appointed people to head America’s cabinet positions who are both unqualified and who are hostile to the functions of the departments they now head.

The only people who are really benefitting from a Trump presidency are not his supporters, is not the middle class and is certainly not the lower working class or the elderly and disabled. The ones benefitting from a Trump presidency – and from the Republican legislators who control the Senate and the House of Representatives – are the most wealthy, the one percent.

Most of Trump’s voters don’t even bother to actually research the facts. Most are in denial of the harm Trump and this Republican congress are visiting on this country. Maybe after they lose their health care, continue to have stagnating wages, and lose jobs. They end up continuing to blindly support the most unqualified person in U.S. history to ever hold the office of  President of the United States and “leader” of the free world as he drives this country ever closer to the brink of authoritarianism, and only after great and grievous loss, maybe some of them will start to open their eyes.

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