Can The Housing Crisis Be Fixed?

Fancy Homes for Owners paid for by Renters of Over-Priced Apartments
Fancy Homes for Owners paid for by Renters in Over-Priced Apartments

That’s a tough question, and one whose possible solutions are certain to anger people on all socioeconomic levels. But it’s a problem that really needs to be addressed; something really needs to be done about it. It’s a problem that is not going to go away, and from the looks of it, it’s just going to keep getting bigger and worse unless and until something significant is done toward remedying it. Something that really counts. Not just lip service, not sweeping  it under the rug like so many state, county and municipal governments seem most likely to want to do.

I’ve done research on the problem – both from the perspective of someone who wants to learn more about it to help everyone I can, and from the perspective of someone who himself is profoundly affected by the rampant greed being exercised by increasingly profit-driven and unscrupulous property owners, aided by statutes and policies favoring the wealthy. At this point, I don’t know much about what I, as a “poor person” can actually do, beyond writing about it and advocating for myself, and trying to help others learn how to advocate for themselves -but I’m frankly really tired of being pushed around by … people with money (specifically property owners) just because I don’t have money, myself.


I have a few pages with information that might be helpful for folks who might be facing problems with their landlords on this web site, located here:

I have another blog at here: that is what this blog is an offshoot of. (This blog is also being hosted on my own server, as well, so I have a little more creative control over it, and I may be less constricted by what I am able to discuss.

If anyone reading this blog has ideas or suggestions, I would really like to learn what you think. If you would like to “educate” me about things you know that I don’t, I’m all ears. But I really  want to DO something about it, even in whatever limited way I possibly can.

A Little Information About Me

I am a US military Veteran living on a low, fixed income from Social Security Disability Insurance. My disabilities are not service connected, I became disabled in 1985, two years after being Honorably discharged from the US Army after having completed two enlistments. I became disabled from injuries sustained when I was struck by an unsecured object that fell off another vehicle on the highway, which hit me, causing me to crash on my motorcycle when I was on my way home from work. Not even my fault. In 2006, I was injured again when I was hit by a car while crossing the street when I was walking my dog. Now I’m older, and age has exacerbated these disabilities even further.

I mention all of this only to illustrate that I am not “poor” by choice: I am economically disadvantaged and rendered effectively “unemployable” as a consequence of someone else’s failure to to be safety-conscious. And, being poor, skyrocketing rent is causing me – and so many others – to sink further and further into poverty, and I’m tried of being screwed by people who are concerned only about money, and not human life.

I want to open a dialogue about how to fight against socioeconomic abuse of some of the most vulnerable people in my community – and across California – by greed-driven wealthy property owners, and by out-of-touch government “leaders” who pass laws and policies that cater to these wealthy people at the expense of the poor – and even many of the middle class.