The Election is Over. Now What?

I make no secret of the fact that I strongly distrust Donald Trump. Nor do I make a secret that I believe a huge number of people who voted for Trump were lied to and manipulated into voting as they did. I believe there was a lot of influence from fake news the has proliferated over the Internet and on social media, and I’m frankly surprised that so many people actually fell for it.

I also believe that – if not Trump himself – many who supported Trump on the inside (Trump’s PR people, campaign workers, etc.) either fed into the fake news, or turned a blind eye to it since so much of it favored their candidate. Do I have proof of this? No, I don’t. It is just my opinion. But for those who are aware of the fake news sites and the influence they can (and did) have, think about it. I will talk about fake news more in-depth in another post.


Now that the election is concluded, and Trump has won the Electoral College majority, it’s time to brace for (and prepare for) potentially the worst four years in the history of post WWII America. We have to be very aware of the following, and very determined to stand against Trump and the Republican-led Senate and House of Representatives. We have to call up our internal “”Elizabeth Warrens’ and Bernie Sanders’ and stand strong against Trump and the GOP every time they try to institute legislation or policy or engage in practices that are antithetical to the progress that has been made thus far.

Democrats remember all of the obstructionist tactics that Republicans used to block their agenda during the Obama years and come January 2017; it’s payback time. Republicans won the election, and they may control both the House and the Senate, but they do not have the 60 votes needed to pass legislation in the Senate.

Not My President

Donald Trump is all about Donald Trump. But besides himself, Donald Trump is all about money and wealth and being rich and being a “one-per center” and helping other one-per centers. As has been discussed in the news from CNN to FOX to local T.V. news and radio stations and on (legitimate) news outlets on the Internet … look for the rich to get even richer, the middle class to continue to stagnate, and the poor to slide even further into poverty. Look for medical care to become harder to get, more expensive, and those with pre-existing conditions find it very hard (and excessively expensive) to get or maintain health insurance.

If you are average middle class, don’t expect any really noticeable changes. You might see a slight reduction in your payroll tax, but it won’t amount to anything significant. You will probably pay higher premiums and deductibles for your health insurance. Your pay will not increase because Trump is now in the White House. That will be solely up to your boss/management.

Remember Reagan’s “Trickle-Down Economics?” Do you remember how well that worked? (It didn’t). Reagan felt that reducing tax burdens on big companies and corporations would result in more money so they would hire more people and be able to increase wages for employees. But what happened when taxes were reduced for the wealthy, by and large, they just kept the money and got even more filthy rich.

Trump’s tax reduction plan and proposed new tax code will, of course, favor the rich, again. It will cut taxes for the middle class, which will tremendously reduce federal government revenue and weaken government programs. Local governments will need to pick up the slack, so local taxes are likely to increase: sales tax, state and county income taxes, anywhere they can figure out legal ways to take more of your money.

For those at the lower end of the working income scale … times are going to get tough(er). Your income will slightly decrease because Trump’s tax plan will increase your taxes a little.

If you are disabled, elderly, unemployed or below the poverty level … things are going to get even harder than they already are. People who are employed, and the rich folks look down on you like you are a blight on society. While they pay lip service to “Oh, I’ve had financial hard times, and I just picked myself up by the bootstraps and got going again” – they have never had genuinely hard times. The greatest majority had some kind of edge or advantage: a well-to-do family member to hire them; they lived in an area where their skills were in enough demand that getting a job wasn’t all that hard; they had been able to earn a Bachelor (or higher) degree and thus are more employable; they had friends or family to put in a good word for them to help get them hired – or they had been raised in an environment where they were effectively “groomed” to be able to find and maintain employment. Some has some kind of advantage that allowed them to start their own businesses and while I’m sure these people all worked quite hard and put in the time and effort … they still had some kind of advantage, or leg up. They are able-bodied and able-minded.

Not so for folks who are disabled. Just having a disability automatically closes many doors for employment or starting/running a business. No one will admit it (because it’s illegal) but there is serious and pervasive discrimination against the disabled when it comes to hiring them. “Well, I’m not sure my insurance would cover you” or, “I’m just not convinced you could actually handle the job” or, “I just can’t afford to go making all kinds of reasonable accommodations  for all you disabled folksor the felt, but unstated, “I don’t want people working for me who are physically or mentally messed up because I’m afraid they’ll just get in the way or need too much extra attention – or I just don’t like them.” They might be afraid someone with a mental disability will one day “go postal” and start shooting people! I could write many posts just on this topic alone.

You can’t make employers hire you. If you are low-income, chances are you’ll never qualify for large enough loans to get any viable business off the ground. And believe it or not, it’s even harder for disabled folks whose disability is not visible. Surprisingly, many people actually think people with invisible disabilities “are faking it.” For the sake of brevity, I won’t list invisible disabilities here, but here is a link to a site that discusses and details invisible disabilities:

The elderly have most of the problems that disabled folks have, and they are discriminated against because “you’re just too old. We want young, vibrant, attractive people working here.”

But I digress.

Trump, buttressed by a Republican Congress and Senate – and the appointment of a U.S. Supreme Courts Justice who will rule in support of the right-wing agenda, will have the power to really screw this country up badly. The GOP has been chomping at the bit to cut taxes, cut government spending, undo everything they can that was put in place by democrats (ObamaCare, Clean Energy, Environmental protections, subsidies for the most vulnerable and needy in America, etc.).

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