“Shart Tank”?

I’ll break from the political commentary for a moment to share this:

Have you ever seen a “shart tank”? I haven’t. But I suspect seeing one –especially in person – could be a rather smelly proposition.

What is a “shart”? For those of you who may not already know what the word means, it refers to an accidental discharge in one’s drawers. A person tries to fart  and discovers that more came out than just gas. You know, “I tried to fart, but some sh*t came out with it. How embarrassing!”  Here’s what was funny about this instance:

I took a screen capture of the front page of the ABC News web site before they had a chance to correct it, because I thought it was funny. The screen capture was taken at roughly 1:05 pm (Pacific Standard Time). The headline read: “Amazon buying company that left ‘Shart Tank’ empty.”

Shart Tank - ABC News